Artist's Statement

Biomorphic Abstraction 

My paintings and drawings are inspired by plants, minerals, microscopic images of cells, water, human anatomy and music. 

Many of my paintings and drawings are about the relation of “this to that” — and the symbolic meaning of that interaction. Recognizable or imagined forms are painted with intense, lush color and the forms often — but not always — move toward, repel or engulf each other. The meaning of each work is open to individual interpretation. 

The images in the paintings and drawings are my symbolic vocabulary. My ideas come to me while listening to music, dreaming and by looking at the natural world. Every painting or drawing has personal symbolism and meaning:  For example:

  • Bands of color represent compressed layers of memory. 
  • Cross sections of cells represent the unveiling of mystery.
  • Waves represent emotions.
  • Spirals represent the continuity of life.
  • Foliage represents enlightment, beauty and joy.
  • Eyes represent the self, the divine and souls.

My preferred medium is oil paint but I also work in watercolor, graphite, colored pencils and pen. I strive to make each painting or drawing perfect in every detail. For me, painting is a spiritual process.